Farm of opportunities

It is an overwhelming feeling to have the opportunity to speak for such an amazing group of people.


This story isn't about her. It's about making a very difficult choice.

Apologies for the cussing. That's what happens when I go late in the show.

Two Dozen Seats

You are what you drive. The theme of this night at The Moth Storyslam was “The Dark Side”. I’m not sure you can classify the vehicle in this story as a “dark” anything. 

Just Make It to Thanksgiving

For many freshman college students, Thanksgiving can be a time to reflect on, "What the hell just happened to me?" This story is about my first semester, and someone I'm forever thankful for. 

VIDEO: The Year I Disappeared

This blog is about who I am, or more accurately, why I am.  The first post needed to be about the rawest ingredients. I know so many people have different versions of this story; it's just "part of growing up" people say. The ending to the story depends a lot on the people you have in your life. What gets us through, and sometimes propels us out of the most difficult times we face, can be as simple as a second chance -- in my case, dozens of chances. If you see someone struggling to find their way,  just remember that you have the choice -- to pile on, or help them get through that difficult time. I was fortunate enough to have more people that wanted to help me get through.