VIDEO: The Year I Disappeared

A year ago, I had a moment of trepidation, over the idea of forgetting the stories, people, places and gardens that got me to this point in my life. What was I going to leave behind? It was around that time a friend (forcefully) nudged me on stage at a story slam event in Boston. After that night, there was no more trepidation; I was going to tell the stories.

This blog is about who I am, or more accurately, why I am.  The first post needed to be about the rawest ingredients. I know so many people have different versions of this story; it's just "part of growing up" people say. The ending to the story depends a lot on the people you have in your life. What gets us through, and sometimes propels us out of the most difficult times we face, can be as simple as a second chance -- in my case, dozens of chances. If you see someone struggling to find their way,  just remember that you have the choice -- to pile on, or help them get through that difficult time. I was fortunate enough to have more people that wanted to help me get through.